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Window Clerks


Window Clerks

Department: Customer Service/Delivery

The position of window clerk is given to the associates dealing in Sales, Service and Distribution at the Post Office. At the starting level, average salary of a Window Clerk is $19.32 for an hour. Window Clerk is also a permanent position, and the appointed person is entitled to all federal benefits.

Window Clerk is a highly respectable and valued position. A window clerk serves as a retail clerk and perceived to be the face of the Post Office. The person appointed to this position – processes express shipments, issues money orders, handles shipping of supplies, calculates postage, sells envelopes, stamps and other shipping supplies. As they have to deal directly with the public, Window Clerks are required to look professionally presentable. They must wear USPS approved uniforms and maintain a clean and tidy look.

Window Clerks have to answers the queries from customers, related to any postal issue, like postage, mail items, prices etc.

The key responsibilities of a Window Clerk :

  • Receiving the inbound letters and parcels.
  • Selling postal items like postal cards, revenue stamps, and stamped envelopes.
  • Filling out and selling of money orders.
  • Handling purchase transactions that involve mailing supplies and accessories.
  • Dropping the mails in the pigeon holes of mail racks and in bags according to their corresponding address.
  • Examining mails to ensure appropriate postage.
  • Maintaining records and files, and executing the report submission.
  • Dedicatedly handling the window transactions.
  • Performing distribution duties, according to the workload.
  • Verifying mails for postage and ensuring proper mailing condition.
  • Answering customer's questions about prices, post office boxes and postage of different material.
  • Filling different kind of forms like the address change, theft, or loss of mail form and other postal associated forms.
  • Handling the documentation of claims and providing window assistance to the customers.

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