Postal Exam 473

It is mandatory for all the new applicants to pass the Postal Exam 473, in order to become eligible for employment for the United States Postal Service jobs. There are many other types of postal exams that are conducted for appointment to some particular positions in the USPS.

A significant advantage of Postal Exam 473 is that it encompasses all the entry level positions that includes – Mail Handlers, Window Clerks, Mail Processors and Mail Carriers. Due to the general rule, only the top three scorers within a class will be invited for an interview. Hence, it is of paramount importance that applicants prepare well for these exams. Also, if you fail the exam, you are not allowed to appear for the next four months.

The testing facility, where the postal exam will be conducted will be within 45 miles of your home, and the exam is conducted on a computer. There are two parts of Postal Exam 473 – the first part is the Personal Assessment Questionnaire that requires around one and a half hour to complete, and a second part, that tests your abilities to perform the duties of a postal employee. This second part is further divided into four different parts:

Almost 80% Applicants are unable to pass the Postal 473 Exam in their First Attempt.

The only ingredient required to pass the Postal Exam 473 is "Rock Solid Preparation".

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Advantages of Registration

Some of the significant advantages of Our Postal Job Assistance Program :

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