Postal Employee Salaries

A postal employee earns up to $72,000 in a year, this includes the added benefits with the job. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated in its report that in 2014 the average median salary for a postal employee was $26.31 for an hour. The interesting fact is, at the time when these numbers were reported, no one was anticipating the impact will come on package processing, when, the distribution giant, will become a client of USPS. The exponential growth in the workload made it necessary for the United States Postal Service to expand their workforce as well.

Since many years, the USPS has been planning to reduce its conventional mail practices. They took a dramatic step in this direction and shifted their focus to package delivery and quick delivery. Further, they partnered with the online shopping companies and introduced the Sunday delivery mechanism which gave the system a big boost. This enabled the 5th Largest employer of the country to expand its workforce, once again.

As a postal employee, you will be able to earn $72,000 to $100,000 per annum. You also get to enjoy federal, health and retirement benefits.

Career employees receive Retirement Benefits, Employee Health Benefits and Paid Vacations.

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