Postal Work
Mail Handlers

Mail Handlers

Department: Processing and Distribution

The starting emoluments of a Mail Handler is around $19.29 for an hour. Mail Handler is a permanent position and is entitled to all federal benefits.

They are part of the work force that functions from behind the scenes. Their wok mainly involves the loading and unloading of postal mail and packages, that may weigh even more than seventy pounds. The postal employees in this position are assigned duties of arranging, organizing and sending the mail. All these steps are executed before the mail reaches to the person who delivers it.

A Mail Handler will be operate sorting machinery to sort mail, and will use other machinery to load packages and mails into the delivery vans and trucks. The appointed person will be responsible to separate different classes of mails received from conveyors and trucks, for dispatch to various other units.

Mail Handlers may be asked to perform clerical duties at the front desk of the Post Office. Their duties as a clerk will be - selling postage stamps to customers, assisting customers with weighing packages, fixing correct postage to packages, and preparing routes for different mails.

The key responsibilities of a Mail Handler :

  • Separating and shipping mails for delivery to designated locations.
  • Placing empty sacks on racks and labeling them. The racks are already arranged and are plainly marked.
  • Carrying mails to the distributor for further processing.
  • Placing the mails which are processed into sacks.
  • Removing the filled sacks and pouches and closing them.
  • Dividing bulk mails into different batches and loading them into trucks.
  • Operating canceling machine and canceling stamps on the parcel posts.
  • Carrying canceled mails from the machine to the distribution area.
  • Providing assistance in supply and slip rooms.
  • Operating copy machines and work related office equipment.
  • Operating electric fork lifts.
  • Rewrapping the parcels with damaged wrapping and weighing the incoming sacks.
  • Lifting and carrying sacks and empty packages, that contain the mails that are to be sorted.
  • Pushing the heavy rolling containers, that weigh around 1,500 pounds.
  • Keeping the work area clean and also the areas where a regular cleaner does not performs his duties, like the office rest rooms, trucks etc.
  • Operating equipment and machinery, assigned to the jurisdiction of the Mail Handler Union.

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