Frequently Asked Questions

No, PostalWorkAuthority is not affiliated to the United States Postal Service. We are an independent organization, that provides professional assistance and guidance to the candidates looking for or seeking a job in the USPS. The amount of assistance and information provided by USPS site for the examination is insufficient. Hence, PostalWorkAuthority provides assistance in finding Postal jobs and getting hired. We guide the candidates through out the four steps of the hiring process.

Postal Jobs are available throughout the country, they come and go at a great frequency. At a particular time, there are more than 1000 job opening in the United States. Make sure you sign up for the Daily Job Alerts. After you sign up, you will receive job alerts via email, whenever a new job is available in your location. You may also consider using our Job Locator tool, which will enable you to see the geo map of the country displaying all new Postal job opportunities at any given time.

There is no guarantee that you will get the job. As a general rule, the top three scorers of the exam are called for an interview. Out of these three, only one is hired for the job. We trust our abilities and believe that with professional assistance and preparation, any candidate can get selected for the job. If a candidate does not pass the exam, we provide refunds in full.

After you have applied for a job and obtained good scores on the exam, you become a part of a group of applicants in the Postal Service's Registry. Hence, you will be considered for the job you applied for, as well as, for other jobs that you intend to do.

The average salary of a Postal Service employee at the entry level is $21 per hour. On an average, a postal worker earns around $72,000 per annum. As an employee you are entitled to all the federal benefits. Furthermore, these benefits include paid "On the Job" training, paid vacations, attractive leave programs, advanced retirement plans, an effective savings plan, 401K plan along with flexible spending account that will assist in managing the pocket cost for self and child health care. You also get excellent career opportunities and job security.

PostalWorkAuthority offers two levels of service. The kind of assistance that you will receive is entirely based upon the amount of guidance that you require for the job search, and further in the hiring process. After you register for the program we will instantly provide you the access to our extremely resourceful tools, as per your program selection.

First of all, you have to search for the job and then apply for it online. Once you have applied for a specific position you will directly contacted through an email, so you can schedule your exam at an independent test facility in your vicinity. You can select the time and location that you are comfortable with. After you have successfully scheduled your exam, you will receive an email that will be a confirmation to the time, date and location of your exam.

The Postal Battery Exam 473/473E is a 60 minutes or one hour exam. It has four different time bound segments - Address Comparison and Checking, Coding, and Memory. It is recommended that you register in our Standard or Priority Postal Placement Program, which will help you prepare for the exam. You will be given access to a time bound automatic grading "Postal Exam Simulator" to help you get habitual of giving online exams and learn the essential time management skills.

Yes. In two business days, the refund will be given in full to the candidates who do not pass the Postal Battery Exam 473. For further details on the refund policy, we advice you to go visit our Terms of Service section.

All that USPS provides the job seekers, is a brief orientation guide, which is called Publication 60-A. This guide was written back in the year 2004, and it is complimentary. On the other hand, we, the Postal Work Authority provides a wide range of tools to help the candidates in the hiring process. Right from the point of job search to the interview stage, we provide expert guidance to all through our dedicated programs. Postal Work Authority has faith in its quality assistance and proficiency to help candidates get through the exam .

You need to pay the licensing fee for gaining access to the study material, personal guidance, coaching and live assistance. These tools and services will help you searching for the job and then getting hired. By registering for the program you get unlimited access to the time bound automatic grading system to practice exams in our Postal Exam Simulator. USPS has based the selection on the grades obtained on the exam, and does not provide any sort of guidance or coaching for the Postal Battery Exam 473.

Advantages of Registration

Some of the significant advantages of Our Postal Job Assistance Program :

  • Dedicated Placement Assistant: You will be provided with your own placement assistant, whose role will be to help you throughout the hiring process. The assistant will be available to you during weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm EST.
  • Postal Exam Simulator: Time bound official postal exam is conducted on a computer, in order to help you exercise time management while giving the exam. With our online exam simulator you get an excellent preparation medium, by which you can take replicated postal exams which are automatically timed and graded, it helps you learn how you can score better grades.
  • Videos and Booklets: Our video lessons and booklets will provide all the information you require and assist you in getting hired.
  • Job Locator Tool: The tool will help you find all the available USPS jobs in your vicinity.
  • Postal Job Notification: You will be notified about the current job opportunities in the USPS in your area via email.
  • "Pass the Exam or It's Free" Assured: We have complete faith in our abilities and the quality of the assistance that we provide. We guarantee you that, if you fail to pass the exam, we will refund all the registration money.
  • $1,000 Starting Bonus: After getting the job, all you have to do is share your success story on a video, and you can get a Starting Bonus of up to $1,000.

We are known for our High Quality Customer Service!

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