Applying for Postal Jobs

The application process for the postal service jobs can be a daunting task for the job seekers. A majority of applicants feel that the information provided by the USPS about the online application process is scarce, because of which they commit a lot if mistakes while applying for the job. In order to avoid careless errors and make the application process simplified, it is highly advisable to seek expert guidance.

Our program is designed to help candidates in getting hired. We provide professional assistance to each candidate in all four stages of the postal services hiring – searching for the job, applying for the job, postal exam and, then finally the interview stage. Candidates registering for the Postal Work Authority program will get access to their own dedicated placement assistant on Live Chat or phone. The role of these assistants is to help you throughout the hiring process.

postal services hiring Process

Basically, the hiring process can be divided into four stages, and the candidates who are successful in navigating effectively through each and every stage will ultimately get hired.

First Stage: eCareer Profile

Prior to creating your eCareer profile on the USPS website, it is recommended that you perform some online research about postal job profile creation. The USPS website does not allow you to save your application data. Therefore, you need to complete the profile creation process in a single sitting. Usually, the duration for eCareer profile creation is around 90 minutes, which may go up to two hours or 120 minutes, but not more than that. Our innovative video tutorials will provide you with all the information that you require and a step by step guide for your online career profile. The profile is absolutely necessary for applying for the postal jobs. You may need to make alterations in your profile as per the requirement of a specific job. Once you have made all the necessary changes, you can submit the application.

Second Stage: Preliminary Personality Exam

After the submission of eCareer profile comes the preliminary personality exam. This exam is automatically scheduled within 72 hours of submitting the online application. In order to become eligible for the Postal Exam 473, you need to first pass this personality test. The exam is structured to test the type of personality and morality of the candidate.

The focus of Postal service is on hiring a virtuous, trustworthy and sincere candidate. The personality test is an efficient method of filtering out the candidate who do not possess these qualities. The job of a postal employee demands good verbal ability and communication skills. The personality exam also tests the candidate's ability to work with precision. If you fail in the preliminary personality exam, you will have to wait for 120 days to start the process again.

Third Stage: Postal Exam 473

After you pass your Preliminary Personality Exam, you become eligible to schedule your Postal Exam 473. The examination will be held at an independent testing facility, near your location. You will be allowed to schedule the exam, and choose from the available time slots as per your comfort. We strongly recommend the use of our online exam simulator for preparing for the Postal Exam 473. It is a time-based test, which is automatically graded and helps in learning time management skills for the exam. Candidates can effectively prepare for the exam with this tool. The score that you will obtain in this exam will be used whenever you apply for a position, so we motivate all candidates to put in their efforts. Although a candidate needs only 70% to pass the exam, they must aim to score above 85%. This is because only the top three scorers (of the class giving the exam) are selected for the interview stage. Postal 473 Exam Click Here.

Fourth Stage: Interview

Once you have passed the Postal Exam 473, you will become eligible to apply for all active postal jobs in your vicinity. As soon as a job becomes active within a radius of 30 miles from your address, will notify you about it through an email alert. Postal jobs come and go at a great on a regular basis, with our job alert service you can ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity. Your first objective should be to get hired as soon as you can, hence we advice you to apply for multiple jobs. The interview involves questions about you, your previous employment, your availability and a few questions about the job that you have applied for. It is imperative that you prepare for the interview with professional guidance and ace the last stage of getting hired.

Advantages of Registration

Some of the significant advantages of Our Postal Job Assistance Program :

  • Dedicated Placement Assistant: You will be provided with your own placement assistant, whose role will be to help you throughout the hiring process. The assistant will be available to you during weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm EST.
  • Postal Exam Simulator: Time bound official postal exam is conducted on a computer, in order to help you exercise time management while giving the exam. With our online exam simulator you get an excellent preparation medium, by which you can take replicated postal exams which are automatically timed and graded, it helps you learn how you can score better grades.
  • Videos and Booklets: Our video lessons and booklets will provide all the information you require and assist you in getting hired.
  • Job Locator Tool: The tool will help you find all the available USPS jobs in your vicinity.
  • Postal Job Notification: You will be notified about the current job opportunities in the USPS in your area via email.
  • "Pass the Exam or It's Free" Assured: We have complete faith in our abilities and the quality of the assistance that we provide. We guarantee you that, if you fail to pass the exam, we will refund all the registration money.
  • $1,000 Starting Bonus: After getting the job, all you have to do is share your success story on a video, and you can get a Starting Bonus of up to $1,000.

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